1970 Fiat 500: The Perfect San Francisco Car?

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So there I was, just walking near the salt mine office in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood, when here's this bright orange Fiat 500 just sitting there, being dwarfed by Civics and Sentras and begging me to take its photograph. I didn't have my camera handy (and, yes, I should carry it with me at all times), so out came the Blur-O-Matic™ cellphone camera. The car's owner is the owner of the restaurant in the background, and he came out to tell me all about his car. Turns out he picked it up in Italy for $500, shipped it back here, and has been using it as his daily driver ever since. This guy definitely gets the Jalopnik Stamp Of Approval!


Rob Emslie

OMG, that's 2nd Street. I was there on Monday at our SF office which is at 2nd & Folsom. There's always a good collection of motorcycles parked at 2nd and Market that I like to take a gander at when I'm walking down from BART.

Wish that had been there on Monday, I too would have crossed the street to get a look. I don't know about perfect SF car, but it sure is sweet!