1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Is A Racin' Car, I Tell You Whut

It's not impossible to talk your way out of a traffic ticket. But as we see in this great vintage ad, driving an old-school Dodge Challenger R/T definitely won't help you make your case.

Here we see a hapless driver get pulled over by a small-town sheriff stereotype for driving a racecar in the city limits. Unfortunately, the driver has a hard time convincing this lawman that the Challenger isn't a racecar, thanks to the car's racing stripes, Polyglas tires, and Magnum 440 V8 engine. That ain't no reconverted lawnmower motor, boy!

This Dodge is loaded down with all sorts of optional equipment that make it a badass American muscle car of the first water, and Johnny Law isn't having any of the driver's excuses.


There's a helpful life lesson here: Next time you get pulled over, don't brag about your "concealed wipers" and dual headlights. You might get booked for sassin' a law officer.

What do you say to get out of a ticket? Sound off in the comments below.

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Fred Smith

that's no racing motor. the '70 challenger IS a racin' car, but only in T/A trim.