1969 Mustang Grande is "the top of the line cream puff "

Before 1969, few people would have thought to put Mustang and luxury in the same sentence. That briefly changed with the introduction of the Mustang Grande seen here. Watch as the Car and Track crew take the new luxury Mustang around Ford's test track in this vintage road test from 1969.


Even though Car and Track was away from their normal track in this Mustang Grande test, they still managed to push the softer riding pony to the limit. There was plenty of tire smoke when the test driver "buried his foot in the happy pedal" producing some very respectable times for a soft riding Mustang with the base 302 V8.

The posh Grande's softer suspension predictably produced more body roll. In order to see exactly how much more, Car and Track decided to film the Grande doing a reverse spin in slow motion, another example of why this show was so brilliant. Although Lindemann was hesitant to give the plush 'stang a full endorsement before it had been tested on Car and Track's home turf, it certainly appeared the Grande was well received overall.

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Vinyl roof, wire wheels, softer suspension, and automatic? This is the beginning of the malaise era. I'll stick with the Mustang Pequeño.