1969 Ford LTD is a "four wheel plushy"

Although its exterior was only slightly redesigned from the prior year's model, Ford added quite a bit of excitement to the 1969 LTD by "jamming the forward compartment with some muscle" and drastically redesigning the interior. Watch as host Bud Lindemann reviews this 429 equipped LTD in this vintage Car and Track road test.


Car and Track "picked Ford's plum" when they decided to review the 1969 Ford LTD. Only "a set of hubcaps away" from Lincoln's upscale Continental, Bud Lindemann was quick to admit the LTD was Ford's "best one yet". An updated interior and a 360 horsepower 429 V8 "designed to haul the car in a pretty respectable fashion" sealed the deal on Car and Track's endorsement of the LTD.

Although it's always cool to see old cars being wrung out around a test track, seeing Car and Track sliding 4300+ pounds of LTD around their test track is especially appealing. All it takes is one look at the awesome slow motion video of the LTD navigating an S bend to confirm the big Ford was never really intended for track use. It appears host Bud Lindemann had no problem finding a more appropriate use for the LTD than track duty though. Lindemann ends the road test by sharing his father's reaction to the car (This is a Ford?) after the two took a trip to the cigar store.

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The only thing that amazes me more than the fact anyone ever thought this was a good car is that anyone lived through the era long enough to remember it. Another piece of detroit steel that would just as soon kill you as take you a mile on any road that isn't flat, straight, and level. The more I learn about this era, the more I am embarrassed for and ashamed by the US auto industry and up-is-down down-is-up conventional thought of what was good (e.g.: that Daihatsu Wagon last week) or not (e.g.: this sorry excuse to sell steel by the pound).

On a twisty road, you could beat the wheels off this LTD in a OEM Mazda2 or 2012 Ford Fiesta.