1968 Alfa Romeo Ambulance at Fantasy Junction

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Good news for those wanting to add to their warehouse full of Italian military service vehicles. Fantasy Junction has for sale this unmolested low miles example of Alfa Romeo ambulance, complete with 1300cc twin-cam power, 4-speed trans, sirens, and blue and white anti-aircraft interior lighting. Those serious about their collection will be glad to know that an Alfa Romeo 1900 Jeep and matching motorcycle are also available. The Jeep even comes equipped with a machine gun to keep the ambulance busy.


1968 Alfa Romeo Ambulance [FantasyJunction.com]

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I visited Fantasy Junction last year while I was living in Berkeley. The ambulance is in good shape and the odd part about it is the transmission was/is mounted backwards for front wheel drive action.

This means the the H shift pattern is reversed. You can see it in the interior shot. Also, with it's 1300 cc engine it's probably the slowest ambulance ever. Make sure you look for the armadillo if you go see it.

Fantasy Junction also has a rare Giulia Colli Wagon and decent 2600 Sprint among other exotica. It's worth the trip.