1967 Mercury Cougar With OM617 Turbodiesel Should Run On Lard!

Illustration for article titled 1967 Mercury Cougar With OM617 Turbodiesel Should Run On Lard!

You want to drive a car powered by the most reliable automobile engine ever produced, you want to burn non-petroleum fuel, yet you don't want to drive a boring ol' Mercedes sedan like every other anti-dinosaur-juice diesel demon in town? Loyal reader Vance has pulled our coat about this '67 Cougar with a freshly rebuilt turbo-equipped Mercedes-Benz OM617 installed; this setup looks like it was done right, though the price seems on the painful side and the performance is likely more tortoise than hare (albeit a tortoise that could win a 500,000-mile race with ease). [Craigslist Los Angeles]

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Rob Emslie

God, this would make an awesome movie: Hot older woman, on the prowl for younger men with whom to party, suffers a terrible head injury. Fortunately for her, it happens in front of the lab of a world-renowned neuro-scientist, and she undergoes the world's first brain transplant. Unfortunately for her, the only donor available is a slow but steady German immigrant named Hans, and she has to relearn her wild ways while overcoming her new accent and hunger for french fry oil.

Somebody get Sharon Stone on the phone!