Illustration for article titled 1966 Fairlane Wagon Appears To Have Driven To Junkyard Under Its Own Power

Sometimes you'll find a fairly complete old car sitting in the wrecking yard, but I've never seen anything like this '66 Fairlane wagon before. It's a bit rough (and that '56 Chevy hood ornament being used to prop up the bug deflector looks funky indeed), but not a single part has been removed. The keys were still in the ignition! This strikes me as strange, because every car that ends up in a big self-service junkyard has been through an auction process, typically with a minimum bid of $150 or less, and it doesn't seem possible that not a single bidder at the auction was willing to pop his or her clutch for 150 bucks to obtain a 99% original 42-year-old Fairlane. I don't have any Ford projects now (nor do I have time to eBay-ize a bunch of Fairlane parts) but I did call a Ford-restoring friend who told me he'd come out the next day and make sure none of the good parts went to The Crusher.


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