1962 Bentley S3 Parks Next To Chicago Dumpster, Doesn't Care What You Think

Here's a car you don't see parked on the street every day, particularly if you live in a crowded city with tough parking. The list price on the '62 Bentley S3 was $16,355, about $250 less than a brand-new Ferrari 250GT California would have cost you that year... and about the same as six Ford Galaxies. Reader Michael had his camera at the ready when he spotted this dignified old gent parked in the Lincoln Park neighborhood; make the jump to read his description and see the rest of the gallery.

1962 Bentley S.3 - Down on the street in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Lazily parked behind a construction debris dumpster and includes not only a nice little door ding, but a spatter of bird do-do as well. Daily driver??? Who knows....Not afraid to be driven and parked in an insanely street parking challenged neighborhood.


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