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1961 Dodge Dart Seneca is a well restored ugly duckling

Illustration for article titled 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca is a well restored ugly duckling

We can't imagine anyone in their right mind expected their money back when they began the process of restoring this four door 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca to such a high standard, but for whatever reason they decided to do it anyways. This oddball is currently listed on Ebay looking for another well financed (and slightly crazy) car enthusiast who just can't live without the nicest restored four door '61 Dodge we've ever seen.

Illustration for article titled 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca is a well restored ugly duckling

Even in the eccentric world of Virgil Exner designed "Forward Look" Chrysler products of the late 50s and very early 60s and the people that love them, the 1961 Dodge is considered a little too ugly for most. Perhaps this is why we got so excited when we came across this immaculately restored 1961 Dodge recently on Craigslist, or maybe it was just the shock of finding someone else willing to dump too much money into an Exner designed Chrysler product with too many doors.


According to the Ebay listing, it is the current owner who is responsible for the majority of the impressive restoration work on this old Dodge. If spending three years of your life immaculately restoring a four door example of a largely unloved body style isn't a sign of true automotive obsession, I'm not really sure what is. Some might call the devotion of such a large amount of time effort and money to such a weird car a little bit crazy, but I think it's genius.

The results of that genius speak for themselves in the photos seen here. Every detail on the car, major or minor, has been addressed from the 318 poly V8 underneath the hood to the "Rose Mist" Metallic finish. And they all come on a weird old Dodge with a three on the tree and too many doors. Be still my deranged and Forward Look Mopar obsessed heart.

Illustration for article titled 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca is a well restored ugly duckling

Unfortunately for the currently owner, my enthusiasm has not yet been shared by anyone with enough money to purchase this '61 Dodge. The car's reserve is currently not met with a $25,100 high bid and only a few hours left. We have a feeling that a $25,000+ purple four door 1961 Dodge is going to be a bit of a tough sell for most, even if it is immaculately restored. It might turn out to be a not so great investment for the current owner, but we are glad there are people in the world willing to take the time to restore a car as weird and somewhat undesirable as this one to such a high standard.



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Man... look at that beautiful car!! I don't see ugly anywhere on it. And those rear doors are certainly not bag-worthy.

Looks like a really good start to a really great ride.

Just a couple mods to freshen it up a bit, like:

22" Chrome rims w/ low pro tires

Limo-tinted windows


Lambo-Doors / Hood / Trunk Lid

A rear Wing/Spoiler

Super Awesome Stereo / 5 Plasma / DVD Car Theater System

And of course, Push Button Articulating-Adjustable Camber Suspension

Then I'd drive that sh!t.