1950s Detroit Iron Prevents Camrys From Gaining A Foothold In San Francisco's Western Addition

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This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. It's damn near impossible to park anywhere in San Francisco, but the Western Addition neighborhood? No way! That's why we're so impressed by these cars that Rob (you may remember him as the man who brought us the Covered Wagon CRX) spotted holding down most of the street parking on their block; they're apparently all owned by the same guy, who must be Public Parking Enemy #1 for miles around. Make the jump to see the whole gallery and read Rob's description.


So the Fireflight....that one is sitting in a driveway that is blocked by the Mercury Monterey and the glass in the garage is all smoked out (or maybe just real dirty) but its not easily seen through (not that I tried to get that close!) but I'm just DYING to know whats in the garage. The lights were on upstairs but I didn't have the 'nads to ring the bell!


I absolutely LOVE the freakin' Olds 88.....those chrome streaks/stripes on the rear fender are just SO over the top! But seriously, the Imperial with the gun-sight tail lights? I'd love to know whats under the hood of that one? And early Hemi?


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@om nom de plume: It was like pulling teeth trying to get an agreed value insurance policy on my car because it's not a typical "collector" car but has about 5X the Blue Book Value in modifications. I was finally able to get Grundy to insure my car as a collector car when it appeared in two magazines. I still have standard CA plates and unfortunately have to smog it.