1931 Miller Championship Racer: Your V16 Of The Day

We're not going to beat around the bush on this one: this 1936 Miller race car is all about the engine porn. Part of an array of V16 powered cars, this one is undoubtedly the fastest, looking like it could fit into the trunk of some of the larger automobiles on display. The 45-degree, 303 cubic-inch V16 is designed with paired cylinders feeding off of Harry Miller-designed, single-barrel carbs — eight of them — to produce enough power to win at Indianapolis that year. Even though it isn't engine related, take a look at the over/under leaf spring system on both the front and rear axle, and the huge wire wheels wearing period-correct racing slicks— very trick. If there was any doubt before, you should admit at this point that Harry Miller was an engineering superman.

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