There's A Field Of Old Alfa Romeos Just Waiting For You To Take Them Home

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For those of you who love a good car-found-in-a-field story, have I got the mother lode for you. It involves roughly 10 Alfa Romeos in rough shape, truth be told. But they’re in Texas and they’re calling out to you. Do you hear them? Do you hear them calling your name?


A reader named Tony wrote in, saying that with the purchase of some land, he also inherited about 10 Alfa Romeos. “They are sitting in a pasture, rusting away,” he said. “It would be nice to find an adoptive home. Otherwise, I need to scrap them for only $75 each.”

It would be nice indeed! I am filled with sadness at the idea of any Alfa heading for the scrapyard.

The cars are located in St. Hedwig, Texas, according to this Facebook Marketplace listing (screenshotted below).

Again, I won’t lie to you about the condition of these Alfas. They look rusted, chewed out, weather-worn and probably play home to at least a few critters. It’d be a miracle if any of them could run because the chances are miniscule to none.

But maybe you’re the kind of person who can spin gold out of dirt. Maybe you have that magic touch and you’ve just been itching to try it out. I have much respect for you, because I don’t know what improvements I’d personally be able to make here.


Or! Maybe you have an automotive-themed art installation in mind that all has to do with old Alfa Romeos. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is get yourself to Bexar County. Give yourself over to the siren song of an old Alfa.

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What do you call a bunch of Alfa Romeos that haven’t moved for years?

A dealership!