A Run In An NHRA Car Is So Fast It Looks Like Time Is Warping

Gif: Ron Capps (Twitter)

Need a little something to liven you up this afternoon? How about a clench-inducing NHRA visor cam video from Nitro Funny Car driver Ron Capps? Trust me—it’ll do the trick.


Seriously—just sit down and let yourself enjoy the absurdity of this video:

There’s so much here to pick apart that it takes a few replays to really let it sink in. We’ve got all those vibrations that look like they’re bone-rattling long before the car even shoots off the line. Then there’s Capps’ lightning-quick reflexes when the light goes green. The breathtaking speed of the vehicle. And dear God, how do these drivers even see to steer if they’re being bounced around like that?

I love racing visor cams, but for some reason, NHRA’s visor cams have slipped under my radar until just now. Interestingly, there aren’t as many of them out there as I would have expected (which makes sense why I haven’t seen ‘em). But, man, I think I just found myself a new hobby.

If your appetite hasn’t been satiated, here’s a Phil Read onboard that shows all the handwork that goes into controlling such a powerful vehicle:

Or maybe a Mark Sheehan visor cam is more your style:

Folks, I think I might have just talked myself into going to as many drag racing events as I possibly can in the near future after watching these.

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Jeff Glucker

I got to stand at the start line at an NHRA event. It was so god damned insane, my reaction was to just start laughing my ass off. It made no sense. The noise, vibration, and speed are mind melting.

And the nitro in the air burns, yet everyone is still smiling.