Screenshot: Lovecars (YouTube)

Seeing a McLaren F1, Porsche 993 911 GT1, Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR and Maserati MC12 outside of a museum is like seeing The Avengers just chilling out together. Just, wow. That’s pretty neat.

Of course the Bahrain International Circuit isn’t as casual as a shawarma joint, but still, this particular batch of hero cars a lot of us grew up worshiping is incredible to see in one place. And in motion, no less! YouTube thumbnails tend to lean on hyperbole, but this actually does look like the “Ultimate Track Day.”

And that’s before the Apollo IE even shows up!

The Apollo Intensa Emozione is a massively powered and delightfully ridiculous-looking supercar that its makers are clearly hoping will become part of our current era’s league of legends. I think it’s a strong contender.


I guess I can’t say I’m surprised a group called “Supercars Club Arabia” knows how to party, I just wish this clip was longer.