Someone buying a new Saab back when buying a new Saab was a thing.
Someone buying a new Saab back when buying a new Saab was a thing.
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Around these parts we spend a considerable amount of internet ink railing on car dealers. They don’t make it difficult for us to do this—there is no end to tales of rude salespeople, shady deals, questionable math, insane markups, service nightmares and the occasional joyride. But the dealers and techs who are great at customer service don’t end up in the news much. Let’s shine a light on them for a change.

For this weekend, we ask: What was your best experience at a car dealership, either in sales or service?


We all know what a headache either can be on a good day, even for the most car-savvy among us. But there’s an equal or greater number of good sales folks and techs out there, and we all know they have a tough racket to deal with—long hours, shitty pay, pressure, crazy managers and difficult customers make it a less-than-enviable place to be.

I’ve owned two Mini Coopers, bought in two different states, and I’ve always been impressed with the easygoing, newcomer-friendly, low-pressure approach I’ve gotten there—even in stark contrast to the BMW dealer that may happen to be directly attached to the building. Like Scion used to do, Mini seems to be aimed at younger, newer buyers, so at least in my anecdotal experience the situation there is a lot kinder than the culture at some shops.

Then, instead of the grifters trying this gig for a short while, you have the career salespeople who cultivate customers as long-term clients, and I think on the average those people are far better at their jobs than most. Those people don’t get as much recognition as they deserve.

Let’s change that. Tell us your good dealer stories.

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