Everyone needs to relax, but especially the drivers of a Ford Explorer and Nissan Rogue duking it out recently on a public highway outside Washington, D.C.


The action picks up around the :30 mark, when the white Explorer cuts off the black Rogue, setting off an entirely unnecessary sequence of road madness:

This happened in Columbia, Maryland, according to Michael Wilson, who said he caught the footage not long after installing a dashcam in his Tesla Model 3. Wilson also said he called police at a few seconds after the footage ends, though I’m hoping that someone called them sooner. The recklessness shown by both drivers as they seek to best the other is frankly a little terrifying, and they’re lucky no one was hit or (apparently) injured.


But, who knows, perhaps actual toddlers were driving each car. They still wouldn’t have an excuse.

[h/t CarScoops]

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