This Reckless Road Rage Battle Just Never Ends

Everyone needs to relax, but especially the drivers of a Ford Explorer and Nissan Rogue duking it out recently on a public highway outside Washington, D.C.


The action picks up around the :30 mark, when the white Explorer cuts off the black Rogue, setting off an entirely unnecessary sequence of road madness:

This happened in Columbia, Maryland, according to Michael Wilson, who said he caught the footage not long after installing a dashcam in his Tesla Model 3. Wilson also said he called police at a few seconds after the footage ends, though I’m hoping that someone called them sooner. The recklessness shown by both drivers as they seek to best the other is frankly a little terrifying, and they’re lucky no one was hit or (apparently) injured.


But, who knows, perhaps actual toddlers were driving each car. They still wouldn’t have an excuse.

[h/t CarScoops]

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Maybe I am missing something, but it sure as heck looks to me like the Dark SUV is the aggressor here and the white SUV was just caught up in it. this was not a two assholes situation.

Absolutely the white SUV was at fault for the abysmal merge at the beginning. But every movement from then on seemed like they were trying to just get away from the other car. But the dark SUV was doing everything it could to prevent them from going anywhere. It definitely looks like the dark SUV was trying to run the white one off the road several times.

Why didn’t the white SUV just stop and call the cops? I have no freaking clue. But people don’t always make rational choices when frightened.