Come Talk Project Cars In Our New Facebook Group, The Way Back

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Are you uncontrollably addicted to doing dumb, adventurous things with cheap cars? Do you prefer a pick-and-pull to a car dealership’s parts department? Is the most important card in your wallet your AAA Premiere card? Come join us in our new Facebook group, The Way Back.


Our new group will be a home for our readers (you jokers!) and some Jalopnik staffers (us!) to nerd out about cars, cry our eyes out over broken projects, ask for on-topic advice, and share tips with each other. It’ll be fun!

As we start things up, most discussions will be led by me, Aaron, your friendly neighborhood M5-to-S2000 swapper and Jalopnik social media editor. We’ll also likely have guest appearances from other Jalopnik staffers—feel free to bait David with some enticing Jeep content or Andrew with Scout stories.


Discussion topics should revolve around DIY stuff, project cars, general car care, cheap Craigslist finds, or just fun car things. No meme posts, no selling, and please nothing too personal. But otherwise, I’m open to pretty much anything, as long as it’s relatively on topic. Just have fun!

So if you want to engage with other gearheads in a free-flowing manner away from Kinja, give it a go. And if you have any suggestions for the group or any questions, please drop them below or in the group itself.

We’re going on a trip. Swing open that hatch and hop in.

ex Jalopnik car boy, former social media editor.

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