Show Us The Coolest Car Your Mother Owned

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Your mother has probably driven some rad cars in her life. Maybe they weren’t particularly rad at the time, but in retrospect have gained a following. Growing up, we had a handful of sporty-ish coupes in the driveway. I don’t really think any of them were particularly ‘cool’ on their own, but I was raised in the back seat of a scad of two-doors, which seems kind of cool in retrospect. She didn’t need a mega-sized SUV to haul a little kiddo around, just a mid-sized coupe with a decent trunk.


She bought a late 1970s Chevy Monza from my aunt and uncle. The first car I remember riding in was a 6th-gen Mercury Cougar XR-7 when I was a very small boy. In 1991 she leased a Pontiac Grand Prix SE coupe that lived through several hundred thousand miles and later became my first car—which I crashed exactly one year after taking ownership. We had a Chevy S10 Blazer that lived way longer than it should have. Were any of these really cool? Honestly, I’d be happy to have any of them hanging around my house today.

So, on this Mother’s Day, tell us all about the cars your mom drove. Did you have a badass mom with a Buick Grand National, or a classy mom with a few-years-old Jaguar, a sporty mom with a Porsche 944, or a mom’s kind of mom with a turbocharged wood-panel Dodge Caravan? We want to hear about the matriarch of your family, and the wheels she chose. I think it’ll be hard to beat my mom’s Cougar, though. Let’s hear it!

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My mom is a certified car nut. She rode a Yamaha 350 in college.

She also rocked a bight yellow super beetle convertible.

She bought an original RX-7 and daily drove it through the winters in Milwaukee.

When I was born, she drove me home from the hospital in her 300ZX-TwinTurbo (the first car I was even in) 

I gave her my stock 2013 WRX in 2016 and within 2 months she had tuned it, changed out the brakes, blacked out the roof, put an intake on it, and slapped on a GREDDY catback

She sold that after a year or so because she wanted something more low-key and got a RC-350 then immediately traded that in for an RC-F because it wasn’t fast enough. She’s tracked it once and she plans on doing it again.

She was also was a flight instructor for years, and had multi engine and IFR ratings. She taught me and all of my friends how to drive stick shift too. Basically, she’s the real deal.