A typical pit scene at Clubloose, with Black Market Drift’s R32 Skyline parked up with a C33 Laurel at Freedom Moves. Photo: Raphael Orlove

I’ve never seen more imported cars in America than in this past year. Laurels, Skylines, Autozams abound. I’m sure that many of y’all who imported a car are even reading this, right now. What I want to know is how it all went for you.

We’re in a sweet spot for importing cars here in America, as the infamous 25 Year Rule is lining up with the peak of the Japanese Bubble Era.


And we’ve also had our first wave of R32 Skyline imports crest and settle down from a glut into a ‘hey this is just a car you can buy if you want’ normalcy. It’s a beautiful, wonderful normalcy, but it’s ordinary nonetheless.

In any case, did you import a car or buy a recently-imported car this year? Was it as joyous as you hoped, or harder than you expected? Did you discover that maintaining an RB20DET in America is more of a challenge than you wished, or has it been more of a joy than you could have imagined?

Please let us know in the comments below. Put in a picture of your car, too. I’m going to put all of the most interesting responses together into a collective post later, and the photos help.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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