Brake-Checking Road-Raging Asshole Sends Car Flipping Down The Highway

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Video footage of a high-speed road-raging altercation on the highway shows one car brake-check another way above the speed limit, sending a woman’s car flipping down the highway four times.

There’s giving someone the bird and honking the horn, and then there’s cutting-off and brake-checking somebody while flying down the highway, leading to a massive wreck. The latter of which was caught on camera on Interstate 270 just outside of St. Louis on Wednesday.


In the video, via Fox2, you can see a gold-colored Chevy Malibu and yellow Chevy Cobalt speeding down the highway. The Malibu speeds past the Cobalt, cuts over and then slams on the brakes. Moments later a little farther down the road, you see the Cobalt lose control and slam into the highway divider before flipping down the road four times.

After the crash a crowd of motorists stopped to pull the woman out of the smoking car. It’s clear that both she and the other driver were exceeding the speed limit, likely in a fit of road rage, when she lost control. The other drivers involved in the road rage did not stop.

Missouri Highway Patrol claims that road rage related crashes are on the rise, attributing the increase to drivers riding too close to one another. But there’s no excuse for cutting somebody off at highway speeds and then slamming on the brakes, knowing full well the potential for a crash.

Luckily the woman in the Cobalt was helped out of her car with only minor injuries. Just let this be yet another reminder to not be such a dick on the road, whether it’s “your fault” or not.

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