What Car Would You Buy If You Got The Chance?

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Sometimes we find ourselves spending weeks or months or even years searching Craigslist for the perfect car. And other times, we aren’t looking to buy, but decide to pull the trigger when the right car with the right price—and most importantly, the right balance in our bank accounts—comes along. We’re talking about the latter today.

Basically, if the stars aligned, what car would you pull the trigger on?

Me, I’m not looking to buy a car at the moment. I’m perfectly happy living that E30 life, and driving our newer-ish Mini Cooper S when I want to enjoy more modern amenities like a working temperature gauge. But quite honestly, if I ever found myself able to waste a couple grand, and the right E24 BMW 6 Series came a-calling on Craigslist or Autotrader, I’d try and go for it.


Classic big coupe proportions? That legendary shark nose design? A big, beefy inline-six full of smoothness and torque and all the good stuff? A rolling reminder that when people used to want to be opulent, they went for a huge two-door instead of a huge crossover or SUV? It has all the things I require in a vehicle. Plus, I’ve gotten pretty decent at wrenching on those old BMW sixes, so I could probably handle one of these. Probably. Maybe.

Anyway, tell us about the car you’d pick for romance, even if you weren’t out looking for love.

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Porsche 912 in Aga Blue, in decent conditions. I know it’s not the fastest or the best example of Porsche’s lineage and whatever. I’m in love and love doesn’t follow logic.