Volkswagen Group's Last-Standing Top Motorsports Program Just Won Its Championship

Photo credit: Porsche
Photo credit: Porsche

It feels like a foregone conclusion at this point, but Porsche won another LMP1-class manufacturer’s championship in the World Endurance Championship at this weekend’s 6 Hours of Shanghai. Congratulations, Lone Surviving 2017 Volkswagen Group WEC Program.


VAG has nixed its all-conquering WRC program from VW, it has nixed its no-longer-all-conquering LMP1 program from Audi, and with no F1 to speak of, this Porsche program is their last one at the top tier. That is, unless you consider DTM, GRC or Formula E at the top of their respective disciplines.

(Please, don’t leave.)

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“Volkswagen Group’s”? I thought Porsche owned (part of) the VAG, not vice versa...