Real-Ass Deer Fights Driver After Getting Run Over, Dies

Ellen Sager of Howell, New Jersey was headed home when she struck a deer with her SUV. After pulling over to check on the animal, the wild beast charged at her, attacking Sager in the driver’s seat and reminding me of that time I installed a really weird mod pack in Grand Theft Auto.


But this isn’t a game. Not to the woman driving home, not to the officer following behind who caught the whole fight on his dashcam, and not to the deer, who literally fought until the very end. This shit was real.

According to ABC 7, the whole incident went down at around 8 p.m. on September 17th. Officer Nicholas Austin rolled up to the SUV pulled over to the side of the road, witnessing the driver and deer desperately going after each other.

Here’s the video:

“He was determined to get in that car. He was mad. He was mad,” she said. “Yes, he was trying to get in, to get me.”

Somehow Sager managed to fend off the angry buck, which eventually fell over and died due to its injuries. Next time you hit a deer, stay in the car and call for help. You never know which deer you can trust.

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Mr. Malaise

It looks like he fought...

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For deer life.