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81 Year-Old Birthday Boy Saves Truck From Angry Bull

Illustration for article titled 81 Year-Old Birthday Boy Saves Truck From Angry Bull

A Kiwi man decided to celebrate his 81st birthday by hopping the fence of a bull pin to save his Ford Ranger “ute” from Rex, the raging bull.


In the video uploaded to Whetu Konia’s Facebook page, Konia films his dad shooing off a bull that’s extremely interested in his truck, while continuously shouting at him to get back over the fence.

The crazy old man throws both a water bottle and his blue cowboy hat at the pull and dances with it around the truck, culminating in a classic Western stare down.


“Dad, get in the ute, it’s gonna kill you!”

Son tries to shepherd dad trying to shepherd bull. It’s not crazy if it works, right?

Via Mashable

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Most of us in the US would give our left nut for a Ranger like that amirite?