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Henry Ford's Great-Grandson Arrested On Suspicion Of Domestic Violence; No Charges Filed

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Edsel Ford II, great-grandson of Henry Ford and a member of Ford Motor Company’s executive board, was arrested due to accusations of domestic abuse last night and spent the night in custody, multiple outlets report. Ford was later released with no charges filed after his scheduled arraignment this morning.


Both CBS Detroit and WXYZ Detroit reported the initial incident.

The incident occurred at Edsel Ford II’s home late last night, according to the Detroit Free Press. Cynthia Ford, Edsel Ford II’s wife, originally complained to the police, the Freep noted, and there was reportedly alcohol involved.


The prosecutor found that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to pursue charges, however:

Ford Motor Company’s response was comparatively tight-lipped:


Ford, 67, currently serves on Ford’s finance and sustainability and innovation committees, as well as his position on the company’s executive board. In addition to being Henry Ford’s great-grandson, he is the grandson of Edsel Ford, who ran the company from 1919 to 1943, and the son of Henry Ford II, who ran the company in various capacities from 1945 to 1980.

“He is active in company affairs and corporate dealer relations,” according to Ford Motors’ website.


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I demand a probe into the handling of this case. It’s time we average Americans flex-ed our muscles to counter the edge of these one-percenters have all over us.