Cool Animation Shows The Evolution Of The Porsche 911

Rather, it shows the charming lack of evolution.

For decades, the Porsche 911 remained on the same basic platform. Only in the mid ‘90s did the car take on a fundamentally new form, and even then it was a gradual step towards water-cooled modernity, at least as compared to the rest of the car industry.


Watch the video by Donut Media and you’ll see how the fundamental shape and rear-engine sports car design remains true.

Now, about the durability of the air-cooled versus the water-cooled cars...


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Real talk, no snark:

1. Do people actually fail to see the difference between older and later 911s? They stand out plain as day, especially in person, and I’ve never heard a non-enthusiast point to a new 911 and say “Oh is that an old Porsche?” Or vice versa.

2. Someone please explain to me the VW Beetle comparison. It looks nothing like one, stretched or otherwise, and I don’t know why people think it’s hilarious to say so. Somehow I’m guessing it’s a combination of Clarkson fanboyism and hunting for stars in the comments, but if one of you truly thinks they look the same, please help me understand how your fool mind works.

And lest you think I’m biased, a truly stretched Beetle would be a thing of beauty and hold a prominent place in my garage: