This Is What Intake Noise Sounds Like

When you talk about a car’s noise, usually you’re thinking of the exhaust. But do not forget the distinct sound of the engine’s intake. Here’s a perfect example of what that’s like.

This is a little Toyota four cylinder with individual throttle bodies. Well, the poster says they are quad throttle bodies, but you will note that there are only four cylinders, so that’s one throttle body per cylinder, thus giving us individual throttle bodies.


Even more specifically I can tell you this is a 4A-GE engine from the mid 1990s, the last of its line of engine development. The car it’s in is a significantly older KE70 Corolla from the early ‘80s.

Listen to the motor just gulp in the air, cylinder by cylinder. The throttle response is so sharp, the sound so raw. This is the joy of a good intake, nice and clear and distinct from the sound of the exhaust.

Listen for it the next time you go for a drive.

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Michael Cohen

Intake > exhaust

What’s better than ITBs? ITBs and VTEC. I want this so bad