What's The Most Maddening Question In The Car World?

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Collect any group of gearheads together for a long enough period of time and there’s a natural inevitability that certain questions will come up. Like how come American cars seem to always get worse fuel economy than European ones?

This came up in the Jalopnik High Council meeting held every morning in our subterranean HQ in the abandoned City Hall stop in lower Manhattan. As I’ve written before, there are a few tricks that make European cars — even ones also sold in the US — seem to get better MPGs than their American equivalents. Part of it is that our gallons aren’t the same as their gallons, and another part is that their fuel economy test is different than ours.


What other questions always seem to have you banging your head against a wall? And explain to me why I can’t buy a Honda City here in the US, again?

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“How fast does that thing go?”

... does it matter? You’re probably never, ever, EVER going to hit the top speed, even if you go to a track day.

You need a long straight, a lack of speed limits and obstructions (See: traffic on the Autobahn), and a desire to run flat out for a long period of time.

And all that really happens is you get an extra bit of road noise, wind noise, and engine vibration. Acceleration and handling are the fun bits, top speed is basically just a pissing contest.