Comment Of The Day: Hot Nasty Ron Howard Volvo Sex Edition

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Good afternoon, everyone. Your favorite Camaro-crashing ex-convict Patrick George here. In my first official act as Managing Editor (or as I like to call it, “Mr. Manager”) of Jalopnik, South Florida’s third-largest Mazda Miata fansite, I hereby reinstate a staple we all love so much — Comment of the Day.


That’s right, COTD is back. You all are extremely welcome.

But what amazing comment could possibly usher in this beloved feature’s resurrection? I believe it comes from reader r31ya, responding to today’s delightful list of car sex stories:

Not my stories and not sure how relevant it is to the article, but still involve car sex.

To be specific, it’s Ron Howard’s story that he said in Top Gear interview,


“During the course of his interview with Jeremy Clarkson, Ron revealed that his four children’s middle names indicated where they were conceived.

Bryce Dallas is the named after the city they conceive her.

While the twin Jocelyn Carlyle Howard and Paige Carlyle Howard is concieved in New york but since New york or big apple is bit of a mouthful, they named them after the hotel they stayed instead which were Carlyle Hotel, NYC

But then there is Reed Cross Howard. The boy is conceived in London but since that is a bit of much, then the parents decided to use the street name ”. But how about the lodging they stayed at like the Carlyle twin? per ron howard words,

“Volvo isn’t a very good middle name.”


I wonder if the convention in naming encourage parents to use the name of the place they conceived the child as middle name, what is the most famous middle-name car?


Great question. I’m gonna go with “Subaru SVX.”

Congratulations to you, r31ya! May your journey be filled with nothing but success and glory!

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COTD is back? Seriously?

Congratulations, Mr. r31ya, on today’s COTD! To celebrate its return, here’s a favorite of mine. I give you a Ford GT.