You Can't Drive A Ferrari On A Hawaiian Island

You can, however, drive a Volvo P1800 round and round, until it reaches 3 million miles. But even if it doesn’t, you’ll still get the thumbs up from fellow Hawaiians, including Barack Obama. Maybe.


Watchmakers seem to like understated sports cars, but in John Patterson’s case, there was no substitute for a P1800. Mostly because there are no fast roads, no service stations, and no love for flashy cars on the island he chose to call home.

Luckily, the P1800 is just as stylish as any Ferrari while being accessible and easy to fix. It’s a Volvo, after all, and that’s the beauty of it. Even though it might not be the fastest classic sports car you can get, it’s still an experience to get behind a wheel with its short shifter at your palm and reassuring roar in your ears. It’s sporty enough and that's just fine.

Just put it in overdrive and enjoy looking like a million dollars without barely spending any.

If Volvo decides to make a successor to the P1800 after 2019, it will most likely be an all-wheel drive car with a highly advanced four-cylinder and possibly a hybrid system.

Would you still care for that as long as it looks at least this good?


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