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What Car Would You Drive If You Were The Only Person Left On Earth?

Illustration for article titled What Car Would You Drive If You Were The Only Person Left On Earth?

On the most recent episode of the show Last Man On Earth, there's a scene where a love for VW Beetles is mentioned, and then a lovely 1971 (or maybe '72 — I need to see the back) Super Beetle is found, presumably to be used as that character's car. Which makes me wonder — what car would you pick if you were the only person left?


Now, keep in mind, being the last (or one of the last handful) of people left on the planet is a little different than a full apocalypse; the infrastructure is still intact, and there's no real visible threat by mutants or zombies or whatever. Hell, in this show, there's not even any corpses of any of all the people who, presumably, died.


So, you have decent roads (at least at first) and we'll say abundant fuel (we'll pretend the gas won't be going bad), but there's still the issue of maintenance, as you'll be on your own, and road conditions will get worse as time goes on.

Sure, supercars are tempting, but they're finicky and fragile and probably not the best long-term solution. A good diesel pickup is probably smart. I'm, of course, partial to a well-maintained old Beetle (or maybe a Baja) since at some point easy access water may become an issue, so why have to pour any into a radiator? Plus, they're simple enough that you could fix almost anything, and common enough to find parts anywhere.

But you may want more comfort, or speed, or modernity, right? So, tell me — what are you going to pick when you're all alone? And will you miss me?

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Steeze McQueen

hahahah you idiots would drive cars