With the Geneva Motor Show happening as we speak, and hot on the heels of the Shanghai Auto Show banning booth babes/professionals, the time feels right for a fresh look at the question of whether or not to have sexy, slinkily-clad ladies draped over new cars. But there's one answer everyone is ignoring: should those women be replaced with Wookiees?

It's an answer that's been danced around for too long, and many major players in the auto industry have been quietly pushing for this for some time. Wookiees are much less likely to be subjected to objectification than human women; Wookiees provide a very eye-catching presence on any stand, and a fully-grown Wookie is capable of lifting and moving most cars physically, if needed for photo ops.


Opponents counter that Wookiees don't exist, but usually have no objections beyond that.

So what do you think? To help you decide, we programmed the Jalopnik Mainframe (located underneath Tony Danza's Malibu-area hot yoga studio/hoagie shop) to replace these booth professionals with Wookiees. I think the argument speaks for itself, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this important matter.