BMW's Got A Secret BMW Van In South Carolina!

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I've been pushing for a BMW van for quite a while now, even to the point of imagining delusional vans from their past, but it's all been to no avail. Until I saw this baby at the BMW Performance Center, and got excited. Too bad it's not quite what I hoped.


A van! With kidney grilles! Why, it's an actual, official... modified Sprinter van. Crap.


Still, it's pretty cool. One of the BMW folks told me that their on-site body shop guys rigged up the rather nice-looking kidney grille and installed it on the van as a sort of joke that stuck. You'll note that it has no roundel, though, probably because BMW's marketing and legal departments would flat-out murder you if you tried to stick one on.

Still, I thought it was pretty great, and just more evidence that BMW needs a real van.

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