The Most '90s Car Of The Decade

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This is a quest — a quest to find the most absurdly '90s car representative of that mighty morphin' power decade.

I'm not sure that the pop-up headlights of the Ferrari 456 make it the most '90s car there ever was, but a press picture in front of a private helicopter certainly helps make its case.

Can you find a more '90s car than that smooth four-seat Ferrari?

Photo Credit: Ferrari

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I can't wait to see what Banovsky posts. Anything I could suggest would be invalid. Last time 'round, he came up with some rules, so I'll suggest a few.

1. It has to be teal

2. Has to have wraparound glass

3. Pop-ups

4. Contrasting, neon 'outta control' script logo

The Geo Storm hits 3 out of 4, and for the checkbox it lacks, it makes up for in the overbearing malaise that I so closely identify with 1990s American vehicles: