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As we slowly lurch towards smug self-driving cars, we find ourselves in an era of increasingly assisted driving. Out of all these sonar and radar and camera and electro-brain-assisted toys, do any of them actually make you a better driver?


It's tricky, because so many of the features really do seem to enhance driving safety, but it's usually the computers taking over things we as drivers once had to be aware of: lane-departure warnings, blind spot warnings, collision auto-braking. Sure, the help, but are they training drivers to be less engaged?

Maybe the features, like torque vectoring, that actually compensate for a platform's foibles (understeer, for example) can help drivers handle their cars better because they're more about working with the driver's actual inputs. Or maybe they're just taking away our ability to learn the flaws of a given car?


Honestly, I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking you! Help me out, pals. Do any of these things improve our ability to drive?

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