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I don't know about you kids, but thanks to this never-ending East Coast winter, my ride is looking pretty nasty lately. I'm looking forward to the day when it stops snowing and I can manage to keep it clean for more than just a couple days at a time.

When that happens, I think I might give it a little something special. That makes me wonder this: What's the weirdest car wash in the world? I bet there are some real oddball ways out there to get your car sparkly.


Why, did you know there's a guy in the UK who charges more than $13,000 to wash your car because he uses a digital microscope to scan for impossible-to-see blotches? At that price it had better stay clean for at least a few decades.

Your turn? What's the strangest car wash out there? It can be a service, a facility, a chemical, or just about anything else that gets the job done.

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