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We just heard from Tony Swan over at C/D regarding the reduction of his role at the mag, which we reported on a couple of days back, mentioning that per Autoextremist, he was being pushed into early retirement. Swan replies:

Since you apparently picked up the Auto Extremist rant without bothering to check for accuracy, let me correct you on a detail or two. 1. I am not retiring. I plan to remain on the Car and Driver staff as a senior editor. 2. I was not pushed. As with John Phillips a few years back, I am merely stepping aside as exec. This move has been in the works for months. Thanks, Tony Swan

So there you have it, kids. Regardless of Swan/Csere/Hachette's motivations regarding his change in roles at the magazine, though, it's still somewhat of a dire time for American automotive print publishing. Thanks for the heads-up, Tony.

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