12V Plug-Powered In-Car Pizza Oven Promises Traveling Pie Bliss

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Ever been on the road with a powerful hankering for Pizza and no time to stop? Well friend, your prayers have been answered. Here's a 12V pizza oven that'll cook your pizza as you drive.

Available from Stupidiotic for the bargain price of only $36, the "Porta-Pizza Oven" is indeed both portable and a pizza oven, and the best possible way to start your interior on fire while you're in the car. If you somehow manage to use this device and not start the car on fire, you'll most likely have to run the AC to keep from cooking yourself, and then you'll have to deal with slicing a pizza up while driving around. On the other hand, this might revolutionize the Pizza delivery business. [Stupidiotic via Neatorama]