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1132 miles in a Pike's Peak race car

It is a little less than 12.5 miles up Pike's Peak from bottom to top for car, truck and motorcycle competitors in this weekend's famous race to the clouds. For one competitor the trip to the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb began 1132 miles away from the foot of Pike's Peak at Porsche Motorsports HQ.


We told you earlier this week about seven-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb champion Jeff Zwart's plan to drive the 620 horsepower Porsche GT2 RS he will be competing in at this weekend's Hill Climb to the event himself, but now you can watch his awesome trip in action. The 1132 mile trip from Santa Ana, Ca to the foot of Pike's Peak is well documented in this interesting video.


If transporting race cars is becoming too much of a hassle for Porsche we'll happily volunteer ourselves for the next round of GT2 road trip duty.

Hat tip to Larry Chen and Speedhunters!

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Mr. Horsepower

Meh, how about 1,700 miles in a 1911 Velie Racetype? []