100 MPG Or Bust: Motive Industries Release Renderings Of Their X PRIZE Entrant

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At the Automotive X PRIZE debut party at the NY Auto Show there were a few interesting prototypes of cars their makers believed could meet the Auto X PRIZE requirements of making a marketable vehicle that gets 100 miles per gallon of dinojuice. The folks from Motive Industries were around to talk-up their proposed Battery Exchange Hybrid Electric Vehicle (BEHEV), which we think uses a small electric motor to create the energy needed to power the electric motors. Now we have renderings and a quasi-technical drawing for their currently nameless shooting brake concept. Press release and pics below. If you've got a suggestion for the name drop it in the comments.


Motive believes that the transportation sector needs to undergo a rapid evolutionary change in order to maintain current standards of living while reducing our energy needs dramatically. In order to achieve this, a shift is required toward low volume high-tech manufacturing techniques. This will enable us rapid evolution of individualized vehicles that use a fraction of the energy required by today's automobiles and public transportation vehicles. The Automotive X-Prize will help to push the boundaries of what is perceived not only as possible, but also as probable. Motive's intent in entering the X-Prize is to demonstrate our capabilities in the fields of automotive design and engineering. Motive believes in the need for innovation and sustainability and is thus committed to developing and using ecologically sensitive materials and manufacturing methods.

The 2 initial renders below depict our BEHEV - Battery Exchange Hybrid Electric Vehicle that combines the appeal of a sports car with everyday versatility. The sporty 2+2 shooting brake is framed within a layered structure giving it muscular forms and proportions. Keep an eye on Motive for future developments.

* Four passenger, full size vehicle
* BEHEV tm - Battery Exchange Hybrid Electric Vehicle
* Modular composite/aluminium/steel chassis structure
* Lightweight bio-composite RIM body panels
* FWD multi-speed quickshift transaxle
* Regenerative braking, traction control
* High-performance ICE generator
* 1800lbs

[Source; Motive Industries]


Ash78, voting early and often

This makes me sick.

Only because it's better looking than most auto show entrants. And these are relative no-names.

But where are the moon disks and the boattail/taper and the rest of the aerodynamic compromises? You mean to tell me the Prius was designed like that for style?