Believe it or not, this insane creation actually started life as a 1991 Buick Lesabre. As you can see, this vehicle has come a long way from its days as a run of the mill sedan. Now it has the face of a Dodge truck, an additional six wheels out back and one of the crazier body kits we have ever seen. This "80% done" exercise in truly bizarre automotive modification is currently for sale on Ebay.

It's impossible to try and guess how you begin a project like this one, but somehow it happened. You can see from the pictures how it's turned out, at least so far. The most obvious modification is the truck bed complete with more wheels than would ever be needed. Where there were once four normal sized doors, there are now only two—but they are absolutely massive. Up front the Buick now looks more like an older Dodge Ram and the seller has " the Nissan NSX head lights, New in the Box's" just waiting to be installed.

The seller describes this vehicle as "custom built unfinished chopper transport", which makes us wonder even more about the motivation behind the build. Has the builder never heard of an El Camino (a very unlikely scenario) or was the chopper in question also ridiculously long with far too many wheels (a far more likely scenario)?

This "Beast" is powered by the less than beastly GM 3800 series 6 cylinder engine and is according still front wheel drive. We imagine all of the extra wheels and thousands of pounds of fiberglass must be a lot for the six cylinder engine to handle. Also somewhat hard to handle is the price—The seller expects at least $10,000 for this bizarre creation.

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