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1.2 Million Ford Explorers Recalled Due to Suspension Fracturing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Scott Olson (Getty)

After all the hype around the new 2020 Explorer during the New York Auto Show, Ford has some bad news. It’ll be recalling 1.2 million of its existing Explorers over some faulty suspension issues. Oh, and if you have an F-150 or a Canadian Taurus or Flex, you might have the same issue.

If you have a 2011-2017 Explorer and frequently ride over rough terrain (or, per Ford’s press release, curbs), your SUV is more likely to experience a fractured toe link in the rear suspension, CNN reports. There currently aren’t any injuries reported as a result of the toe link fracture, but it would make your SUV more likely to have poor steering or an accident.


It’s not a fatal issue, at least nobody has been injured, as Ford claims. In any case, Ford has you covered. The automaker is spending $180 million to fix any problems.

Ford is also recalling 123,000 F-150 trucks “equipped with 5.0-liter and 6.2-liter gasoline engines that had the powertrain control module software reprogrammed as part of recall 19S07,” its press release announces. The trucks might just downshift into first gear unintentionally. That is, obviously, not ideal when it comes to the whole ‘safe driving’ thing.


As per Ford’s press release, that’s not all it’s recalling, either:

Ford is issuing a safety recall for select 2009-16 Ford Econoline vehicles equipped with a 5R110W transmission, 5.4-liter engine, and a school bus or ambulance prep package. Affected vehicles contain a capacitive discharge weld within a coast clutch component in the transmission. A substandard weld may fatigue and fail, causing an elevated rate of reports of the loss of the ability to move in the subject vehicle applications. This action affects approximately 4,300 vehicles in North America.

Ford is issuing a safety recall in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan for select 2010-17 Ford Taurus, 2009-17 Ford Flex, 2009-15 Lincoln MKS and 2010-17 Lincoln MKT vehicles. Some vehicles operated in these Canadian provinces may experience a fractured rear suspension toe link. A fracture of a rear toe link significantly diminishes steering control, increasing the risk of a crash. This action affects approximately 12,000 vehicles in Canada.

So, basically, if you own a fairly recent Ford, it might be worthwhile to, y’know, check it out and make sure you’re not going to have a suspension or transmission failure any time soon! Especially you Explorer owners.