1,000-hp Rocket II Trike: A Three-Wheeled Masterpiece

Tim Cotterill's Rocket II is a 1000-hp, supercharged, Hemi-powered, Blastolene-built supertrike. It's one of the few vehicles to drop by Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage that the lawyers — and a desire for self-preservation — apparently won't let him drive.

1,000-hp Rocket II Trike: A Three-Wheeled Masterpiece

Tim Cotterill came to the United States a penniless artist, but he's since earned enough money to commission nutso machines like the Rocket II. How is this possible? He's the guy who created the nearly ubiquitous tree frog art you saw everywhere around the turn of the century. This is how he made his money. For anyone who thinks the American dream is dead, let Tim's story be a lesson.


When Frogman shows off his madness machine at Jay Leno's garage you can almost tell Jay's thinking "this guy's off his rocker." After you cringe at Jay's terrible British accent, marvel at the stupid awesomeness of Tim's Rocket II. It may be the maddest machine the Blastolene boys have ever built. After watching it in motion, we don't think it's necessary to wax ecstatic on the subject of this creation's spectacular genius. It speaks for itself.

[Jay Leno's Garage]

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