1,000 Cars Will Attend Viral Car Show For Terminally Ill British Boy

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Last week, we heard about a British father that wanted to throw one last car meet for his terminally ill, car obsessed son.


After we posted the note, what started out as a small request to get a few cars together to brighten his day has ballooned into one of the biggest car shows of the year.

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The response to the original post has been incredible. Last Friday, there were 270 cars officially committed to the show Scooby Net. That has absolutely exploded in the last week.

Here's everything you need to know about the internet outpouring for Connor's Day:

  • The posters organizing the meet on Scooby Net closed official entries on Thursday. The total? It's gone up to 561 cars that range from Subies to Ferraris.
  • That thread is also the official registration, so there is no guarantee that you'll be able to get into the show if you aren't on that list. They did look for a bigger venue, but Connor's family were keen on using the original meeting place.
  • The world's fastest British postal van will be in attendance.
  • An official website has been set up that says more than 1,000 cars have registered.
  • People are donating their time and services to a worthy cause. Concessions and vendors will all be set up on site. And yes, there will be toilets on site.
  • Our friend Alex Roy made good on his promise, and he is over in England to attend the show on Saturday in a Morgan Three Wheeler. Don't worry, Alex is on the official entry list.
  • Charitable donations will be accepted the day of the event. You can also donate online on the Connor's Day website or at Just Giving.

As a reminder, Connor is not to be made aware that he is gravely ill. These are the wishes of his parents and we have to respect them.

The show is scheduled to take place this Saturday, September 8th, at 1:00 PM. The location hasn't changed, it's still Fred Lawton LTD, Meltham Mills Industrial Estate, Meltham Huddersfield, HD9 4AY.


If you can, make sure to get out there and pay your respects to a very special little guy.

(Photo Credit: newspress, timmyajmy93wrx on ScoobyNet)


Raishi Fox

I hate to be the negative one here, but, even given how awesome car people usually are, as a group...with that many people there, and given the internet in general, I'm finding it all too easy to imagine someone showing up just to make sure Connor's told about his illness. Either just to be an incredibly evil person "for the lulz" or out of some self-righteous, misguided, "it's wrong for him not to know!" idea.

I just hope I'm wrong, and no one even thinks about anything like that. This is a wonderful thing being done, and I hope no one taints it like that.