Zamboni®©℠™ Takes Winter Olympics Ice Resurfacer Controversy Way Too Seriously

The failure of an electric ice-resurfacing machine (like Kleenex, colloquially known as a Zamboni®©℠™) at the Vancouver Olympics has the builders of actual Zamboni®©℠™ machines seriously freaked the world is going to think their machines aren't awesome. Silly Zamboni®©℠™. »2/18/10 5:15pm2/18/10 5:15pm

There Will Be Transmission Fluid: What Happens When Your Zamboni Fails

While not entirely car-related, it's entirely amazing to watch a Zamboni fail on center ice during an intermission ice sweep at an NHL game, ain't it? And yes folks, that's transmission fluid, not blood. So fear not all you loyal fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins — the Penguin did not get caught underneath. [Deadspin] »2/27/08 8:45am2/27/08 8:45am

Clear the Ice For the 2CV: Homebrewed Citroen-Based Zamboni

Man, those French. They'll do anything not to buy American, including build an ice-smoothing machine using what's apparently a drivetrain from the car the Krauts call the Ente. Our boy in the South of France, generally known as Philippe, sometimes known as French Guy and professionally known as Callaghan tossed us… »2/14/06 1:26pm2/14/06 1:26pm