Volkswagen Throws up!s On Geneva Motor Show Stage

VW has sent out an unbelievably upbeat press release for its four new up! design studies: the swiss up!, the winter up!, the x up!, and the cargo up!. Silly names, right? » 3/01/12 1:30pm 3/01/12 1:30pm

VW Wants To Make Up! (Lite) Yours In 2011

This is the VW UP! Lite concept, debuting moments ago at the LA Auto Show. It's a four-seat, front-wheel-drive, diesel-electric hybrid with 70MPG fuel economy. While it's not production-intent, Ze Germans have announced plans for an ultra-efficient compact by 2011. » 12/02/09 2:20pm 12/02/09 2:20pm

Volkswagen E-Up! Concept: Enjoy The Silence

What we thought was an electric minivan is in fact a quiet little "3+1" city car. What we believed to be an 82-horsepower zero emissions concept was just that. Volkswagen says it's the Beetle of the future; we're thinking Polo. » 9/17/09 6:15pm 9/17/09 6:15pm

Volkswagen E-Up Concept: All-Electric German Micro-Van

Don't look now, but the all-electric VW E-Up, the silent-but-deadly concept version of the forthcoming VW Up, will be unveiled tomorrow in Frankfurt. It'll get an 82HP e-motor with 80 miles of range and a 30 minute partial charge time. » 9/14/09 8:00pm 9/14/09 8:00pm

Audi To Build Their Own VW Up!

According to AutoExpress » 10/31/08 10:30am 10/31/08 10:30am, Audi is reportedly looking to fill the city car hole in their lineup with a version of the . The UK mag's even mocked up what they think an of the sub-sub compact would look like in a color that appears to be... yes, lime green. The Audi would get the same engine lineup expected to fit under…

Electric Audi Under Development, Not A1-Based

According to Audi board member Peter Schwarzenbauer, speaking at last week's Paris Motor Show » 10/09/08 10:40am 10/09/08 10:40am, the Audi group is developing an all-electric car based on the pending compact. His statement bolsters Audi's claim at the beginning of the year of plans for an electric within five to ten years. Whatever this electric Audi…

Frankfurt Auto Show: Volkswagen Reveals "Up!" Concept Car Sketch On…

Last night the above commercial called "Das Auto" was shown here on German TV before an expected announcement today, one day before the Frankfurt Auto Show, of a new Smart-fighting concept car called the "Up!" Yes, that's an exclamation point in the name of the concept car, and no, we've no idea why it's there.… » 9/10/07 2:30am 9/10/07 2:30am