Truly I Say To You Today That Bono Is An Asswipe

At the intersection of all the annoying things a rock star can be—messianic, pretentious, vapid, dumb, old, creatively bankrupt, grandiose, utterly bereft of self-awareness, calcified into a grotesque oily wire-rack-in-the-grocery-store knockoff of himself, part of U2, et cetera—there sits Bono in his stupid housefly… » 7/31/15 2:53pm Friday 2:53pm

This Is How You Hand-Launch A U-2 Spy Plane After It Loses A Wheel

The U-2 was not designed for life on the ground. It relies on fall-away "pogo" wheels that work as outriggers for its long wings during taxi and takeoff. Apparently, these wheels fall off prematurely from time to time. Easy fix! Just get out on the runway and hold the wing while the U-2 goes to full power, than try… » 3/13/15 6:06pm 3/13/15 6:06pm

This Badass Is The First African American Female U-2 Dragon Lady Pilot

It is one of the hardest aircraft to fly, soaring at altitudes where a change of just a few knots could mean an over-speed or a stall, and landing it is an art form all in itself. The 60 year old U-2 Dragon Lady program has been a male dominated one, with just eight women being qualified to fly it, but never an… » 3/04/15 10:26am 3/04/15 10:26am

A Spotter's Guide To The U-2 'Dragon Lady' And Its Many Configurations

From Foxtrot Alpha: The venerable U-2 'Dragon Lady' is a spy plane born from Cold War necessity that soldiered on operationally for decades past anyone's wildest dreams. She went from sleek design to a bulging beast of burden whose silhouette can change as fast as her mission requires it to. Here's a guide to her many… » 3/09/14 2:06pm 3/09/14 2:06pm