Welsh Rarebit: The Connaught Type-D Nears Production

Looks like Connaught's Type-D is getting nearer to its Britcar fruition. Apparently the Connaught Motor Company is building a new, $25 million HQ and R&D skunkworks in the UK constituent and home country of Catherine Zeta-Jones. That is, Wales, where inhabitants speek in tongues and sell crempogs like hotcakes (or… »3/31/07 12:53pm3/31/07 12:53pm

Holy Crap! Auto Union Type D Going on the Block!

Excuse us for a second while we wipe the drool from our chin. And our chest. And our toes. Unsavory as it might be, we are literally swimming in a sea of saliva at the moment, and here's why. In the 1990s, this Auto Union was discovered in pieces in the former Soviet Union, having been taken back to the Rodina after… »12/02/06 11:15pm12/02/06 11:15pm