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Excuse us for a second while we wipe the drool from our chin. And our chest. And our toes. Unsavory as it might be, we are literally swimming in a sea of saliva at the moment, and here's why. In the 1990s, this Auto Union was discovered in pieces in the former Soviet Union, having been taken back to the Rodina after the war to be studied in the hopes that the precision of German racecar technology could somehow advance The State's auto industry. It didn't work. We got the Lada instead.

It's since been reassembled and restored, and now Christie's is putting it up for bid. We fantasize about buying the car, getting a vintage racing suit and a red metalflake open-face helmet with "Bruce" emblazoned on it, and tearing through New Braunfels, Texas and on up to Gruene while all the while screaming, "ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL, LEUTE! ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL!" And then going out like Bernd Rosemeyer, only, you know, with more Texas State Troopers.


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